Wedding special


We love weddings & We love flowers so....

You get to benefit from our love for these two things! For the this year October 2016 - September 2017 North Bloom is offering a screaming deal for couples who choose North Bloom to do all their florals! We are only choosing 1 wedding to do for each month so this will be a first come first serve thing! When all months are taken this special will be over! Also... by signing up for this doesn't mean you have signed any type of contract... all it means is that you will get an email from me asking for a time we can get together and chat! If we are a good fit for you then a contract will come into play.

No matter how large your wedding is the deal is the same for everyone! North Bloom purchases flowers & vases (if needed for your wedding) at a wholesale price and we are going to pass that price onto you + photos to share! So let's spell this out... You get all the flowers you want for your big day for ONLY the cost of the flowers, non-floral supplies costs (vases, ribbon, etc.) and we would love some photos of your special day to share! North Bloom will run through the entire process (click here to see the process) with you so that we are in complete understanding of your floral dreams. Next North Bloom will research prices & quantities of flowers needed to accomplish your dream, communicate the cost to you (all wholesale prices and no labor cost), get the cost approved by you, give verification (a receipt) of the cost from the floral & non-floral supplier and you will pay that price + a few photos. After received payment flowers will be order, arrangements, bouquets, flower crowns, centerpieces, isle petals or whatever else your heart desires will be created! The day of the wedding you will see North Bloom staff at your venue suited up to deliver and place all your flower for your wedding day! 

To sign up... click here and choose which month you are getting married, add it to your cart and check out... this of course costs nothing... just part of the process. If you see that one of the months is no longer available (sold out) that means that this month is already been requested but check back because it might reopen. Oh also DO NOT put in your credit card information you WILL be allowed to submit without it! We are looking forward to meeting you!